“Impossible is just a big word thrown around by small men who find it easier to live in the world they were given than to explore the power they have to change it. Impossible is not a fact, it’s an opinion. Impossible is not a declaration, it’s a dare. Impossible is potential. Impossible is temporary.  Impossible is nothing.”

– Muhammad Ali

With Muhammad Ali’s passing, that quote keeps coming up in my world. In my newsfeed, on my radio, on SportsCenter, I keep hearing it and reading it. It’s a quote that I first saw in 2011 when I started Music Makes You Happy. I had gone 29 years without ever hearing that quote but for some reason, worlds aligned and the universe put that quote in front of me when I needed it most. Maybe I had heard or read it before but because I wasn’t doing anything at that time that I viewed “impossible” it didn’t stick with me as much.

Starting Music Makes You Happy never seemed impossible to me but building it into something that mattered, something that was bigger than “just another DJ company,” seemed impossible at times and honestly, still does every now and then.

I’ve never built a business before Music Makes You Happy but I have built a house and that’s why I draw so many comparisons to the two processes.


Chris and Erin after signing the contract for their new home.

When my wife and I built our home, it seemed like the foundation took the longest time and had the smallest visual effect. We would drive out to our lot with excitement almost every day expecting to see the house we saw on paper and in blueprints come to life. When we got there, all we would see is concrete, bricks and blocks outlining what would soon be our home. While this wasn’t the most exciting part of building a house, it was the most important. A strong foundation is needed for just about everything. Buildings, relationships, businesses, everything needs a strong foundation if you want it to last. I have spent the last 5 years building a strong foundation for Music Makes You Happy and now it’s time to start framing.

The framing process is exciting. This is where you see the 2 dimensional plan take shape and become something real. At first it seems like everything comes together quickly and in a lot of ways it does. Walls go up, rooms develope, it starts to look like a house! That’s where I view Music Makes You Happy right now. We’ve laid the solid foundation, the walls are starting to go up and things are taking shape according to the plan that I wrote back in 2011. Sure, I’ve made mistakes and missteps along the way but I’ve stuck to the plan and continued to build the business that I envisioned.


Framing – The dream taking shape

I’m excited about Music Makes You Happy Entertainment and I’m looking forward to watching this dream continue to take shape. When we walked through our newly framed home, it became easier to picture what the dining room was going to look like, where the TV was going to go on the wall in the living room, which bedroom would be the future childhood room of a kid we knew we wanted one day. I see the same thing happening at Music Makes You Happy. Where it was once impossible to envision, I see it coming together. The increase in our corporate events and a growing relationship with more and more companies, the addition of an A/V rental department and the expansion into Richmond and beyond.

It’s frustrating at times. It seems impossible at times. There are times (mostly after working 40 hours of the 48 hour weekend) that I think it would be so much easier to have a 9 to 5, Monday to Friday desk job. Yes, it would be easier, but easier is rarely better. My friend Malice always posts daily quotes and one stuck with me the other day.

If I quit now I would be right back to where I started from and back then I was dying to be where I am today.” 


This is what we started with – two laptops and a sheet I used as a table cloth.


A recent example of what we can offer now

Impossible is nothing.


Cocktail and dinner playlists do not have to be an afterthought and shouldn’t be…

In our many years of experience the cocktail hour and dinner music often get overlooked. Your favorite artists and songs that may be slower and not as “dancy” fit perfectly during cocktail hour and dinner. The songs played during this time should be a musical showcase of the bride and grooms style and character as a couple. The music that your guests hear during the first part of your reception needs to fit the “vibe” of the evening and will help set the musical direction. 

Cocktail and dinner playlists do not have to be an afterthought and shouldn’t be. With a 4 or 5 hour reception, every song counts and we go the extra mile to make a musical impression the entire evening, not just the party portion.  

When you meet with your DJ, make sure that the music guides your guests seamlessly throughout the event. The music needs to prime your guests for the event that is about to take place. For example we may play a song that is upbeat, energetic and has a higher BPM (beats per minute) towards the end of dinner to get peoples feet tapping and send a subliminal message to your guests that we are about to start the party.  A slower song (like “Something” by the Beatles) would be more appropriate and fitting during cocktail hour or the start of the dinner service. 

All of the DJ’s with Music Makes You Happy Entertainment take pride in personalizing each segment of your wedding with custom playlists! Not only do we create an amazing dance party; we let the music speak for you all evening. We know music through and through and promise to make every song during your wedding count! DJ Logo Entertainment Black Back BCA-logo

New Weddingwire Reviews and MMYH Website!

Check out some new reviews on Weddingwire. We aim to please and have years of experience to make your event run smooth and sound amazing with top of the line equipment.

Our uplighting packages can also add style and color to any venue and our photo booths add fun interaction for your guests to enjoy as well. 

Take some time to check out our recently upgraded website and reviews today!

Time Management

Are you expecting a lot of people to attend your wedding? Are you serving a buffet dinner? Have you ever been to a large wedding and experienced the “downtime” while waiting to get your food or waiting for other tables to finish eating before moving on to the next event?

Your wedding reception is supposed to be the best night ever but sometimes your guests might get bored and start asking “what’s next.” You can easily limit the amount of “downtime” by better managing your time.

First off, you should meet with your DJ before the big day and they should be able to help you form a solid timeline for your reception. When you hire a professional DJ you are hiring someone who has the knowledge and experience to put together a fun timeline that will not only schedule all the events that you want to take place during your reception but it will do so in a way that feels neither rushed or forced.

Second, limit the amount of “downtime” by placing events within events. For example, once all your guests have gone through the buffet, why not play The Shoe Game for a few minutes. This will give your guests who are finishing their dinner something to watch and it will allow your guests who just got their food to enjoy dinner and a show. As an added bonus, doing the shoe game while the dance floor is empty ensures that once people get into the rhythm of the music and pack the dance floor, you won’t have to interrupt that positive momentum. Once people start dancing, it’s usually best not to interrupt; it’s like waking up a sleep walker, it’s best to just let them do their thing!

By adding events within events you will be able to add more to your reception. However, you will need a DJ that knows how to keep the pace and keep to a timeline. If you are worried that your DJ might not be able to do that, you might want to think about hiring a professional coordinator.

WARNING!!! Your aunt/cousin/neighbor/friend who has no experience running a wedding is NOT a professional coordinator. While their services are very much appreciated and you can’t beat the price, you are actually doing them a disservice by not letting them enjoy the evening. It’s rare in life when families get together for such a joyous occasion, let your friends and family be your friends and family that night, not your personal assistant or employee. Hire a professional; you’ll be a lot happier with the end result!

By working ahead of time with professionals and setting a good timeline, your reception will flow smoothly and seamlessly throughout the evening. You will get to all the events and create tons of lifelong memories with no stress making your reception the BEST NIGHT EVER!

Time Management

Long Overdue Update!

Music Makes You Happy Entertainment started its third year on March 1st and our growth in those past two years has been beyond our expectations!

I’m the type of person who is always looking forward, trying to stay two steps ahead and figure out where the company needs to improve and where it should be going. It’s hard for me to slow down, look backwards and reflect on the accomplishments we’ve made. So today, first thing on the to-do list, update the blog and let everyone know where we have grown and what we can now offer!

Smithfield Tuxedo Logo

Smithfield Tuxedo Logo

Smithfield Tuxedo – Music Makes You Happy has teamed up with The Catering Place to open the only exclusive tuxedo rental shop in beautiful Downtown Smithfield! We have a great selection of tuxedos, suits and accessories, unparalleled customer service and the unbeatable prices.

Chris & Erin in Photo Booth

Chris & Erin in Photo Booth



Our brand new Photo Booth – Ever since I started MMYH I wanted to offer a photo booth along with our DJ services. However, a lot of equipment that was essential to the growth  of the company needed to be purchased first. You can’t run a successful DJ company without top of the line DJ equipment and that was always the priority of Music Makes You Happy. Now that the majority of the equipment has been purchased, we have been able to acquire a photo booth and I’m really excited to put it into action!

Finally, Our New Office! – Perhaps the thing that I’m most excited about and proud of is our brand new office in Downtown Smithfield! In January I started really thinking and daydreaming about the day that Music Makes You Happy would move into a real office. It was on my mind so much that I actually started talking to Erin about how great it would be to have a place of my own, a place to meet clients, a place for Music Makes You Happy.

In life, sometimes things don’t work out like you think they will and Lord knows I have had my share of those situations. However, from time to time, things actually fall into place in way you never would have imagined and results in something better than you ever could have dreamed. Thanks to Corey, Owner & Chef of The Catering Place, Music Makes You Happy has a wonderful place to call our own that allows us to grow and offer our clients with even more!

Feel free to call us and stop by, 113 Suite D, North Church St, Smithfield VA 23430!

Our new office!

Our new office!

We have a lot of great things coming in 2013 and I promise I will try to do my best to keep this blog updated! Now, enough looking backwards, lets start looking forward to a great year!

Communicating with vendors

Once you start your search for your perfect vendors, remember, manners and politeness play a big roll with many of us! Most wedding vendors don’t belong to a huge corporation with hundreds of employees. Most wedding vendors work in a small company with very few people. Most of us, if not all of us, love what we do and get very excited when potential or interested clients contact us for more information. After all, this is how we make our living so without clients, we wouldn’t be able to do what we love doing.

If you email a vendor and they respond quickly with a thoughtful, helpful email, email them back. Even if the quote is higher than you wanted to pay, email them back. Let them know that the quote was higher than your budget allowed but you appreciate their response and help. You never know, maybe that vendor will be so shocked that you took the time to write them back, they might offer you a discount!

I can tell you that I just finished emailing a lovely couple planning their wedding on a shoestring budget. After speaking with a few vendors they were absolutely shocked by how expensive things can get and were worried that they weren’t going to get the wedding they had always dreamed about. However, even though the initial quote I provided them was a little out of their price range, because they were so nice and polite and emailed back explaining their situation and thanking me for my time, I was willing to work with them and their budget. Writing an email takes only a few minutes but might save you money in the long run.

I can also tell you that when people hang up on me, don’t respond to emails or are otherwise rude, it makes me want to help those people who take the time even more.
I can’t speak for anyone else but I love what I do and most of the time I am willing to work with everyone and be as flexible as they are willing to be. You might be surprised by what a smile and friendly email can get you!

Best DJ in Hampton Roads!!

We are so happy to announce that we have been selected as the Best DJ in Hampton Roads and 2nd best DJ in Virginia by the Wedding Industry Experts organization. The Wedding Industry Experts are a worldwide organization consisting of the best of the best wedding professionals.

Thank you so much for your continued support of Music Makes You Happy Entertainment! We love what we do and will always work hard to give everyone the best night ever!!